My Texas Blue Bonnet in Hollywood

We’ve all envisioned ourselves being the smile-makers, the heart-movers, the dream-catchers… on a scale beyond comprehension. But   how many of us ever move to chase that dream? One of my Hollywood clients, my sweet, my beautiful, ever so… Continue reading

Meet April

For someone who has rolled the dice on their happiness and livelihood on “dressing people” (as my husband so eloquently put it when I began this endeavor) I am anything but subtle when… Continue reading

Stealing Christmas Back

I have little time these days to write any sort of lengthy post as we head into the holidays. Having crazy days isn’t necessarily a bad thing just means we’ve hit the highlights faster. Decorations… Continue reading

April’s Find…Raining Rustic

For my introductory article, I wanted to share my shopping experience and unabashed praise of an exciting boutique in the heart of Deer Park, Texas, just minutes from my own hometown of LaPorte,… Continue reading

Wear it Every Day

Texas Marquee

  Texas State Wall Marquee Can’t go wrong with this to adorn a wall either indoors our out. These are timeless interesting pieces that show your personality!

“14 Tricks to Hide Your Post-Cinco de Mayo Hangover”-Byrdie

Love these tips for Post-Cinco de Mayo Hangovers from Byrdie…. If you haven’t heard of Byrdie you need to sign up for the weekly emails NOW! PARCHED SKIN Solution #1: Hydrate The… Continue reading

Black Is Back at the Oscars!

Black is Back, and I’m glad she’s back in such a beautiful way! The Best of the Oscars…

Urban Cowgirl

With the Rodeo on the horizon I’ve been looking for the perfect pairing. Whether your boots are some crazy vintage gems or more cocktail worthy like Old Gringos I love getting in tot… Continue reading

Get your ugly mug out of here…Top 10 Coffee Mugs

    Get your ugly mug out of here…Check out these Top 10 Coffee Mugs chosen by one of my favorite sites Why have an ugly mug when you can sip your… Continue reading