A letter to Preston on his 2nd Birthday.

My Dear Preston, Today is such a sweet day for our family as we celebrate two years with you. As I think over the last two years it’s shocking how fast it’s gone… Continue reading

If These Walls Could Talk

“Long before we had “HGTV” and “DIY,” there was GHF.” Galveston Historical Foundation (GHF) has created something wonderful for those that like to reclaim a bit of history. Hundreds of years ago old buildings were being… Continue reading

Henri Bendel’s 120th Anniversary Celebration in Houston

April Ann Styles was honored to be extended an invitation to Henri Bendel’s 120th Anniversary celebration.  On April 29th at the Houston Galleria, Bendel presented an exhibition and launch of the Suite 712 Eau de Parfum… Continue reading

Old school methods still prove successful

In designing our new pool…which has been fun and painful at times ;)…I had to get down to the basics and literally draw our dream out. It took a lot of looking on… Continue reading

April’s Roundup for RodeoHouston | Texas National Outfitters

The aroma of well-oiled leather and the finest smell of decades-perfected Texas barbecue is once again saturating the air, the Texas twang in our speak somehow gets a little thicker, and tight-fitting denim… Continue reading

Oscars: Staying true no matter their age

These are just a few of our top picks at ShoreTrends from the Oscars. (in no particular order) We chose these because no matter their age or gender they seemed to stay true… Continue reading

Going for the Blue.

Well folks I’m going to go for it….Going for the BLUE! I’m going to finally paint my guest room a moody blue hue! Living on the water begs for at least one cool… Continue reading

The moments only I’ll remember…

Now being a mom I often wonder if my son will remember the sweet quiet moments in the dark. He couldn’t possibly, right? But is that why I cherish them so much… Is… Continue reading

Uno by Mitch

  Growing up poor has given me a fondness and connection to all things humble which provoke emotions…  This quote by the incredibly talented artist, Mitch D’Arte, resonated with me ever since my… Continue reading

If Only the Walls Could Speak

The art you choose to adorn the walls of your home, office, computer screen, bedroom speak directly to who you are. It “should” be a reflection of who you are, maybe the deeper side… Continue reading