Stealing Christmas Back

Don't let the Grinch Steal Christmas in 2014!

Don’t let the Grinch Steal Christmas in 2014!

I have little time these days to write any sort of lengthy post as we head into the holidays. Having crazy days isn’t necessarily a bad thing just means we’ve hit the highlights faster.

Decorations to place, lots of prep, out-of-town travel plans, coffee to drink, a child to rangle, more coffee to drink, clients to please – the usual holiday juggle, feast and fiasco rolled up into one big family-friendly affair!

This year I am thankful. Very Thankful. Above and beyond blessed. At peace in God’s faithfulness. Full of anticipatory joy. I’m eager to enjoy all the upcoming days of fantastic food, time with grandparents we see and talk to way too little, along with a hefty dose of family fun and dysfunction – let’s be honest it’s a given!

Love. Personality clashes. More love. Family dynamics. Lots of love in large doses and small ones too :). Despite all our disagreements, differences and family “issues”, thankfulness ends up on top of the pile – however tall or short it may be at the end of the holiday.

Memories. Plenty of laughter. Soft and sometimes hard words exchanged. Winks of the eye at awkward gifts or our sibling’s crazy kids (because of course ours is “perfect” 😉 lol. Grins from ear to ear and foreheads wrinkled deep in thought. Light-hearterd banter. Loud decibel children and the ever so often silent pauses – although welcomed at times…lol. These are the normal things of our holidays that more and more I cherish and make every attempt to soak up these precious moments and stop being so OCD…because really no one is going to remember my decorations, or the cupcakes places just so on “that” specific holiday dish…lol.

This year just feels different for me and my heart. I’m strangely not stressed over gifts and travels, and awkward convos with family…but looking forward to it all. It’s like God is shielding me from my own OCD behavior at this time of year. Or it’s just that my brain is already overloaded it can’t handle much

And so my friends, give thanks …even after Thanksgiving and into Christmas… to the Lord!

Stay Calm and cherish even the small moments of chaos! Have a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Stealing My Christmas Back – Leah Howard