April’s Shore Finds

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April is a dear friend and a master of the wardrobe! One of the big reasons I love April is her art of capturing a persons authenticity, celebrating their unique beauty, and making them truly feel confident when they walk out in the world. A big lesson I’ve learned from her styling tips and fashion design, is Preparation!

I fully believe preparation and feeling confident are one and the same – synonymous factors to styling.

But, she’s Realistic…You say, “That’s all well and good, but how do I find the time to be prepared and feel confident when I’m busy prying myself out of bed in the morning, working too late, and getting up too early?”

This is so true…As I’m busy being mom, a God-fearing southern bell, leader in my corporate world, entrepreneur, wife, chef, philanthropist, best friend, fitness model (lol yeah right!), drinking buddy, world traveler, and on and on ….you get the drift… April is my liaison between me and my wardrobe!

She is the ambassador behind retail enemy lines offering diplomacy to your closet. A diplomat who comes prepared to make peace – often packing wine – trust me, it helps!

April will take your over-worn, under-worn, never-seen, 80’s, 90’s, Forever 21, closet and make it New and Fresh! Bring it up to date, make your closet work for you not the opposite. No more mad dashes to the local store at the drop of an invite, which is always in less than ample time to find that perfect outfit anyway! She takes the guessing out and helps you prepare for the storm. She has a fantastic eye for style, but also captures your authentic look and feel with your current wardrobe and her new finds.

So, ALL this to say I’m so excited to welcome April to this blog!!! She is going to inspire us with highlights of some well-known or need-to-know boutiques, new trends of clothing and accessories, and more. There will be a focus to all places along the coast, which to me sounds like one big treasure hunt from the eyes of a talented stylist and designer of all things fashion, April Ann Styles! 

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