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Shore Trends | Designed for the Shore

Everything around us can inspire old and new. Lately I’ve been inspired by history, different cultures, and strong women in today’s society. Being a new mom maybe I’m feeling nostalgic but I think reflection is a healthy thing! Dig inside yourself, find the true you. Have fun finding out what makes you happy, what makes you feel beautiful, what puts you in a different state… you might be surprised what’s on your list? In a way that’s what this blog is for me. It’s what inspires me as a woman, a mom, a leader in corporate world. And, what I feel never goes out of style or is always on trend is Confidence, Faithfull living, and Courage!

See past our struggles to the shore

Behind the name…

Shore Trends – Me and my family live on the water in Texas and there is just “something” that keeps me close to the water. There is something magical about the relaxing near the water or a beautiful sunset over the shore, and what it does to the soul. So this blog will focus on coastal living fashion and interiors. Casual fashion of all places near the coastline for casual weekends and the corporate world. Interiors will focus on design that complements the easy going lifestyle, the breezy look and feel a home can capture with art and decor. Some interiors will take on some more cultural inspirations than others and may focus on specific designers that I lean to for help.
Designed for the Shore – We are designed to fulfill a purpose created by God. Mark 6:45-53 The tellings of when Jesus walked on water is so inspiring to me in many ways. We all must get in the boat, follow his word, be courageous, keep rowing in our “normal”, to meet him on the shore. He sees past our struggles to the shore, desires desperately for us to reach the shore – our true calling, our purpose! But the coolest lesson here that I was told once, is that it’s in the “middle” (when the disciples were rowing through the storm) that they saw Jesus in a way no one had seen him before…he WALKED ON WATER!!! It’s true, miracles happen in the middle. And it’s in the “middle” where you find out what you’re made of. “Take courage. It is I, don’t be afraid”. As women we must realize that fear and worry is in us naturally, but courage must be picked up…it’s our choice. So, us women must be Courageous, be Faith-full instead of Fear-full and have each other’s Back!!!

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