Meet April

For someone who has rolled the dice on their happiness and livelihood on “dressing people” (as my husband so eloquently put it when I began this endeavor) I am anything but subtle when it comes to my profession.  STYLING is my passion.  While that might seem silly or odd to the uninitiated I offer the instance in which I educated my not-so-fashion savvy, three shirt, three jean owning zealot husband on why my heart settled on this path.

A former United States Marine and bare-minimum type of guy, Andrew believed that style simply clouded character assessment.  Citing an argument I’ve had to address from a number of clients, “All that matters is what’s on the inside, right?  So why should it matter what I wear on the outside?”  Disguising his unwillingness to wear anything other than his favorite pair of jeans under the guise of an intellectual argument he still has a valid point.

No, what you wear on the outside does not change you character.  But it certainly changes the way you feel about yourself, and the way others feel about you.  “When a Marine wears his dress blues, does he not he feel proud? Does he not stand a little straighter?  Does he not carry himself differently?  Do people not treat him differently?”  The same could be said of a bride on her wedding day.  Beautiful flowing white gowns can leave the wearer practically floating on air.

To make a long story short my husband, my family, and my clients understand my passion and are quick to defer to my judgment when it comes to ensuring what covers their body is the best case scenario for maximum confidence and positive reception by others.

No bother the subject matter, if the overarching theme is FASHION, you can bet your decade old favorite t-shirt that my heart and soul are all in.

Cheers to Fashion & Happiness-

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