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A letter to Preston on his 2nd Birthday.

My Dear Preston, Today is such a sweet day for our family as we celebrate two years with you. As I think over the last two years it’s shocking how fast it’s gone… Continue reading

The moments only I’ll remember…

Now being a mom I often wonder if my son will remember the sweet quiet moments in the dark. He couldn’t possibly, right? But is that why I cherish them so much… Is… Continue reading

Uno by Mitch

  Growing up poor has given me a fondness and connection to all things humble which provoke emotions…  This quote by the incredibly talented artist, Mitch D’Arte, resonated with me ever since my… Continue reading

Meet April

For someone who has rolled the dice on their happiness and livelihood on “dressing people” (as my husband so eloquently put it when I began this endeavor) I am anything but subtle when… Continue reading

Stealing Christmas Back

I have little time these days to write any sort of lengthy post as we head into the holidays. Having crazy days isn’t necessarily a bad thing just means we’ve hit the highlights faster. Decorations… Continue reading

Get your ugly mug out of here…Top 10 Coffee Mugs

    Get your ugly mug out of here…Check out these Top 10 Coffee Mugs chosen by one of my favorite sites Why have an ugly mug when you can sip your… Continue reading