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Growing up poor has given me a fondness and connection to all things humble which provoke emotions…

Mitch creates inspiring paintings and accessories

Mitch creates inspiring paintings and accessories

 This quote by the incredibly talented artist, Mitch D’Arte, resonated with me ever since my eyes brushed over it.  In this extravagance-hyped world of mine, in the world of all things “Fashion,” luxury overload can leave willful consumers jaded and even the most talented of designers cynical with regards to their work.

Superfluity abounds to the point where truly beautiful customized pieces, equivalent to ornamental art, are grossly outshined by mass-produced products, totally absent of heart and soul.  This is true to the extent the mass-produced item, whether it be jewelry or clothing, becomes a non-unique, bland stamp which screams, “I want to appear as automaton as everyone else.”  To a woman who believes her trade is the artistic expression of the client’s personality… this is nothing short of criminal.

Mitch, popular for her grandiose spiritual paintings, is now expressing her distinctive vision by pouring both heart and soul into her signature acclaimed leather cuffs named UnobyMitch.  Her artistic eye allows her to perceive the collective beauty in what would otherwise be mundane item.  Repurposing an old leather belt, adding stones, Mitch creates wonderfully exotic and distinct items which are nothing short of wearable art.  Each piece is distinctive, unique, and expressive in a way the rubberstamped world of brand name designers couldn’t pray to achieve.

Not only does Mitch create wonderfully inspiring paintings as well as her signature cuff line, she has chosen to pass on her gift for art to the children who attend the same middle school she once did as a young girl. She has never abandoned her roots nor forgotten where she came from.  Beyond her artistic abilities, she has illustrated her concern for those around her through pursuing a noble profession.  She is truly the ideal artist that strikes a chord in me personally as well as professionally.

between the cities of McAllen all the way to Houston,

A very special Thank You to Mitch’s business partner Cindy C. Carpenter for introducing me to such an innovative inspiring artist and designer.

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