A letter to Preston on his 2nd Birthday.

Preston Black & White

My Dear Preston,

Today is such a sweet day for our family as we celebrate two years with you. As I think over the last two years it’s shocking how fast it’s gone by. I can still remember like it was yesterday when we found out you were a boy, and all the unchartered territory we were racing in to.

From the day you were born you have been unapologetically you. You are a sweet and tender hearted man, independent yet shy at times, and a very busy little boy who loves to snuggle. You have such a special way of lighting up a room without having to be the center of attention, and melting the hearts in it with those beautiful blue eyes. Your Dad and I could not be happier watching you grow from a 7 lb. 4 oz. little peanut to a 2-year-old wild little toddler that you are today. Preston you are perfect in God’s vision, so very special to us, smart and beautiful and we could not ask for a better little boy.



Preston LaughingJust a year ago you were taking your first steps and now you are pushing every limit of how fast you can run, how high you can jump and even climb (not mom’s favorite). And even with all this new exploring you seem to always take the whole picture in before you leap with confidence. It is still amazing to me that every emotion you feel, it seems to double in size in our hearts. And one day you will understand this. Your determination to master every skill makes every day challenging…;)..as well as blissful. There is something so funny to see you obsess over funny things, like hats and sunglasses no matter the size you LOVE them just like daddy, your shoes (must get that from mommy ;), and your milk (I’m pretty sure I could buy Kroger out of Almond Vanilla milk at this rate), your coloring is something to be watched and only partake if invited, hee hee. I love your excitement every time we see a boat go by and your funny faces. I especially love your flirty little looks when you’re being silly. I am so thankful for every day, every silly giggle with no care in the world, crazy pillow time, every snuggle, every book we read together, every new word and phrase you learn (or repeat, yikes!), and the way you love me and daddy.


So, our prayer for you Preston is that you continue to speak your heart. Although it sounds more like jabber to others your Dad and I get a kick out of listening to you talk. Some day we will not be the only ones listening and I pray you speak kindness and braveness. Continue to love the Lord, and trust in him and you will always be everything you need to be. You are wild at heart, silly, strong, gentle and tender hearted. Your beautiful blue eyes have always been the window to your heart so I pray you keep them focused sternly on the Lord our God. Take in all the amazing wonders, stay curious of what God has in store for you and live bravely like your father.

Preston Beachhouse Preston on dockToday we get to add another notch in the door as you grow taller and taller, but to me my sweet boy you will always and forever my little man. I feel sometimes you love your mommy more than anything in the world and you make me feel so treasured. Like you and I are the only two people in the room. The way you play with my hair, sing with me or hold my hand at night to sleep. It’s one of the best feelings I have every experienced. It is such a pure and honest love. I will treasure you and all the sweet moments we’ve already had and the ones to come.

Daddy and I love you to Infinity and Beyond!

Matthew 3:17: And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.”Preston Sleeping