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April’s Find for RodeoHouston: Texas National Outfitters

The aroma of well-oiled leather and the finest smell of decades-perfected Texas barbecue is once again saturating the air, the Texas twang in our speak somehow gets a little thicker, and tight-fitting denim is seemingly the expectation, not the exception… It’s Rodeo Season, Houston!! It’s time to saddle up your best cowgirl chic with April’s Find: Texas National Outfitters!!

I was absolutely privileged to partake in the festivities as Texas National Outfitters went all out for Pre-Rodeo fashion. Just like a cowboy gentlemen extending his hand out to two-step a lady-cowgirl, Texas National Outfitters swooned the Ladies with a Night Sip n’ Shop on February 17th. Complimentary food, wine, live guitar strumming, and sweet Texas singing was the order of the day. I confess… I was utterly bribed, hook line and sinker!

Having always been one to lead the relentless bashing of unoriginal “Cookie-cutter” and “trendy” styling, I found myself amongst allies with several pioneers of hand-made, original products made from the fringe of the creative imagination.

The creative geniuses behind Eclectic Cowgirl Roadtrip Co., Calla Lily, and One Feather were in attendance and in top form with the best and brightest of their showcases. I always love to find myself amongst one-of a kind, hand-made pieces. The creative boundaries normally imposed by traditional shopping hubs simply do not afford me the artistic leeway I discover in a forum such as this.

Without exception the styles of each of these pioneers was extraordinary. Offering customized cuff bracelets, belt buckles, hats, shirts, and pants…from traditional country, to country-rock-modern, to country bohemian, there are literally countless ways to express my client’s exclusively unique and distinctive styles. Say goodbye to stiff-starched bottom, same-as-last-year-cowgirl. Cowgirl independent, colorful, fun, and sassy is IN.

Ali Ray, my gorgeous model representing the elite First Class Models, repeatedly stole the floor and the glances of those in attendance, showcasing the creative synergistic potential of Texas National Outfitters and April Ann Styles. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to combine pieces from all vendors including JulieBeth Handbags, whose handmade, functional beauty comes “inspired by the Lonestar State.” This store is an exclusive distribution point for everything a cowgirl (and cowboy) could possibly desire: wardrobe selection, jewelry, hats, and home décor. The hallmark of Texas National Outfitters, however, epitomizing the pinnacle of skilled-craft and wearable art is the custom boot shop!! Even the least style-enthusiastic cowboy would find himself humbly kneeling before the exquisite craftsmanship of what can only be described as artistic expression at its finest.

Here is the hardworking team behind this amazing event! Such wonderful and talented Texas vixens…

The live music of the talented Jared Masucci…

A very special Thank You to the owner of Texas National Outfitters, Christy Conrad! Your Southern hospitality, beauty, and warmth is unmatched and endlessly appreciated.

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Texas National Outfitters has 3 locations, Houston, Katy & Austin,Tx


Love, Peace & Style, April Ann Styles