Old school methods still prove successful

In designing our new pool…which has been fun and painful at times ;)…I had to get down to the basics and literally draw our dream out.

It took a lot of looking on pinterest and Houzz, which are FABULOUS tools for “do it yourself designers” like ourselves. We were able to take many nods from amazing designs that I’m sure were crazy costly and incorporate them eloquently into our lifestyle and budget. Honestly looking at resort pools was a huge help as well even though they are on a huge scale you can see some much more interesting uses of space for entertaining style pools. Once handed over to the engineers and pool designers they took and ran with it, made it a realty!!

So from a little research and drawing skills me and my husband are on our way to a dream backyard. Through this experience I’ve learned that sometimes the old school way of pen to paper is just as, if not more, effective in realizing your dreams.  Maybe just maybe I need to draw out my plans more often than not. We can’t rely on others to be able to see what we want. In the end the final product is all on you right, so we should learn to lead from the beginning of projects, plan ahead as much as possible and think big.

Heres a few pics of progress so far.

Credit goes to Preferred Pools in my local area Kemah, TX (and Pinterest and Houzz for a few design ideas too :).




IMG_4230 IMG_4228 FullSizeRender