If These Walls Could Talk

“Long before we had “HGTV” and “DIY,” there was GHF.”

Galveston Historical Foundation (GHF) has created something wonderful for those that like to reclaim a bit of history. Hundreds of years ago old buildings were being bulldozed to build new amenities that we have today. Fast forward to present-day, and go down Broadway in Galveston and glance at the city’s historic architecture that has been saved and protected, which is as beautiful as the day it was built, and undeniably awe-invoking, an important facet of Galveston’s personality and heritage. The Galveston Historical Foundation played a huge role in that shift, and it continues to prove that Galveston will likely never run out of history to reinvent.

The GHF Salvage Warehouse is a hodge podge of gems in the rough, very rough! But I think it’s the thrill of the hunt in these situations and with a little digging you can often find just the piece you’ve needed or with a little imagination repurpose. In fact, with my husbands help and handy-ness we found these 1800’s pocket doors at the warehouse and made them into a spectacular headboard. He spent time making them an art piece by sanding them down to show some of the original wood while keeping several layers of paint, since they had actually been in a house fire many many decades ago it was necessary. Also one thing to remember is that most paints used decades ago were lead paint, so be sure to really clean them good if you sand or wear protective gear while working on these pieces.

1800's Pocket Doors as headboard.

1800’s Pocket Doors as headboard.

I think this hands-on DIY mentality runs in our blood. But i was most inspired by all the work my parents have done in their historic home in Galveston. They also just spent 6 months renovating and transforming this 1886 treasure across the street that turned out beautifully. Here some pictures to show the transformation, it’s just incredible. They were also awarded as one of the 2015 Winners of the Galveston Landmark Commission Rehabilitation Award for this home renovation.

Renovations are never truly finished but what a fun process along the way.

If these walls could talk- Leah Howard