Going for the Blue.

Well folks I’m going to go for it….Going for the BLUE! I’m going to finally paint my guest room a moody blue hue! Living on the water begs for at least one cool colored room. So this paint can will no longer sit in waiting.

Inspiration came from these images, but I’ve always loved dark bedrooms that have character or eclectic charm…or even mod feel. I’ll be sure to post pictures after the paint dries.

Domaine Home, Christopher Sturman, Elle Decor

PHOTO: Christopher Sturman for ELLE Decor.
The deep shade of blue in this bedroom makes this home feel cozier and more intimate than its ceiling’s lofty height might suggest. (visit DomaineHome.com for more about this room).

cococozy, navy walls, blue paint

PHOTO: found on cococozy.com. This bright blue hue looks great with the white refurbished headboard to being a little old-timer charm.

Desire To Decorate, Martha Stewart, dark paint, guest bathroom

PHOTO: from desiretodecorate.com
I actually used a similar shad win our guest bath from Martha Stewart that has a sheen similar to this and it turned out beautifully!