If Only the Walls Could Speak

The art you choose to adorn the walls of your home, office, computer screen, bedroom speak directly to who you are. It “should” be a reflection of who you are, maybe the deeper side of you or the goofy point of view you have sometimes, or let’s just be real the weird side not many see. I love looking at art, new and old but I often find it hard to pull the trigger on pieces of my own. I see a piece I love and immediately start second guessing myself on if it’s “perfect” for me, forever and ever till death do us part!

My husband likes to say I’m the “Master Relocator”. I have this keen ability to move things on a regular basis in my home and step back and say…Agh Ha that’s where this piece of giant furniture should have been all along! Part of the issue is that I haven’t bought anything “new” in a while…soooo moving something I already have makes it all of sudden feel new, or you can see a different side of it. But then in a couple weeks I’ve found the next Perfect Place for the SAME piece of furniture…it’s a horrible cycle really. This all goes with my artwork too. Which we all know filling a hole in the wall is so ANNOYING, although very easy to do!

So with all that said….This is going to be my dream wall of art. Here I can post what I love without all the nail and hammers being involved.

Keep an eye out for more finds!

The beauty of family photos...

The beauty of family photos…



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Happy Valentines by Gray Malin..love it!

Happy Valentines by Gray Malin..love it!